Industrial custom coating performed at Raymond’s facility involves powder and liquid corrosion protection coating of pipes, fittings and prefabricated pipe spools.We at Raymond have designed a state of the art Custom Coating plant fitted with the latest equipment for preparing, coating and handling of a wide range of work pieces. Manual and semi automated application and process control techniques have been developed to ensure product consistency. The preparation and coating operations are performed within an enclosed building fitted with ventilation to maintain a dust free environment. Blast cleaning is performed in enclosed rooms with extraction to maintain a clean environment for the work pieces and operatives.

Liquid and powder spray coating is performed in booths or enclosed rooms to maintain a clean working environment. Multi point temperature indication for each oven is provided with temperature recorders. The plant layout is designed to facilitate a smooth flow of work pieces through the various processes. The internal powder coating facility is designed to handle pipes up to 6LM of length.

Cement Lining
Calcium Aluminate Mortar Lining
CCTV Pipeline Inspection
Pipe Supply & Spool Fabrication
Automatic Welding
Custom Coating
Field Joints Coating
Concrete Weight Coating
Rubber Lining
Pipe Bursting
Epoxy Lining Pipes
High Build Epoxy Pipe Coating
Tight Fit HDPE Lining
Thermal Spray
HDPE Tight Fit Lining of Steel Pipelines
Field Joint Coating
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