Concrete Weight Coating

Raymond International is a proven industry leader, providing on site weight coating.

The coating can be carried at the site in strings or individual pipes, thus saving time and money in transportation.

Concrete Weight Coating is used for marine pipelines and river crossing for negative buoyancy and to counteract the effects of currents.

Concrete is applied to pipelines to provide a negative buoyancy, which prevents the pipe from floating in high water table terrain such as swamp land.

Pipe with a continuous concrete coating is used offshore as well as river crossings. The concrete provides protection for the pipe as well as negative buoyancy.

The RAYCOAT method has proven to be the most economical and convenient method of weight coating.

A concrete weight coat is applied to pipelines to provide negative buoyancy and prevent pipe movement due to flotation, in swampy land with high water tables and also underwater pipelines.

Concrete weight coated pipes also give extra corrosion protection to the pipe as well as protection from mechanical damage such as anchor chains, and tidal flows.

Using the Raymond International RAYCOAT system will eliminate the necessity of transporting heavy-coated pipe to the job site. Raymond International brings the "factory" to you. We coat your pipe on site, adjacent to the trench, if required.

Continuously coated pipes give a dense homogenous concrete with a lower porosity and finish which assists in protecting not only the pipe, but also against corrosion and erosion of the primary coating system.

The RAYCOAT system allows the pipe to be continuously coated in strings after welding, which can eliminate up to 95% of field joints which not only gives stability to the string, whether lifting or pulling, but is also economical with time as well as money.

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