Custom Coatings - Powder, Liquid & Thermal Spray

Industrial custom coatings applied at Raymond’s facilities include powder, liquid and thermal spray corrosion protective coatings for pipes, fittings and prefabricated pipe spools.

Raymond’s custom coating plants are fitted with state of the art equipment for preparing, coating and handling a wide range of piping. Manual and automated application and process control techniques have been developed to ensure product quality.

Liquid epoxy and fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) powder spray coatings are applied in enclosed rooms to maintain a clean working environment. The plant layout is designed to facilitate a smooth flow of piping through the various processes. These coatings have excellent adhesion to steel pipe surfaces and provide long term corrosion resistance.

Thermal spray aluminium and thermal spray cladding provide dependable corrosion protection for pipelines and for tubes/ waterwalls in boilers where high temperature corrosion and/or erosion may occur. Thermal Arc Spraying, commonly known as metal spray coating, is a process by which metals are sprayed onto the surface of another material using a high velocity continuous combustion process. This process changes the pipe surface properties by providing improved thermal conductivity and wear resistance

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