Pipe Bursting

Where a CCTV survey shows that the pipeline is beyond repair or the system requires the line to be up-sized, the client has no option but to replace the pipeline. This can be done by open cut with all the associated costs and disruption or by bursting the pipeline and pulling in a new pipeline in its place.

Pipe bursting, which can be either pneumatic, hydraulic expansion or static pull, fractures the old pipeline insitu and displaces the fragments outward while a new HDPE pipeline is inserted in its place.

Pipe bursting is one of the most economical ways to replace a buried pipeline. The direct costs are lower than the traditional costs of open cut methods. When pipes are buried under process plants or utility services, the relative costs of pipe bursting are very low. When time, disruption and restoration are taken into account, pipe bursting is a valued alternative to traditional open cut pipe replacement.

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