Epoxy Lining

Internal LPE is a coating system which consists of a two-part liquid phenolic epoxy paint, applied in a single or multi-coat to the inside surface of an abrasively blast cleaned surface to provide anti-corrosion protection to the steel. In addition to corrosion protection, the internal LPE also provide a smooth internal pipe surface for improved flow performance and efficiency. Internal LPE provides a lining solution against potential product contamination by the internal surface of steel pipes.

Raymond International boasts of a state of the art facility tailored to apply LPE coatings onto the internal pipe surface to suit the various construction methods, pipeline design parameters and service conditions for which the pipes are designed for. The coating facility is capable of applying internal LPE to pipes or spools from 3 inches diameter and above and to a maximum of 12-meter long pipes or spools.

Abrasive blasting and application of coatings to the internal parts of a pipe could be challenging especially when the piping is in the form of spools with difficult configurations. With decades of experience and professional technical resources, Raymond international remains an industry leader in providing solutions to these challenges. The liquid phenolic epoxy is applied to the pipes inner surface by special internal screw controlled and scissor armed adjustable crawler spray guns to give a specified uniform coating thickness of the phenolic epoxy coating.

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